One of the nice things about starting out with WebSphere MQ is that 90-day free trials are available to try it out. But what happens if, after trying it out (and paying for it!), you decide you like it and want to keep the environment you’ve spent the last ninety days setting up? Many new users don’t realize that it is possible to upgrade your trial setup to the full product, without needing to reinstall WMQ or recreate their queue managers.

When you normally install the full product, the installer registers your new “production” license as a part of the installation process. But it is possible to manually register the license that you get when pay for the full product.

License files are named amqXcert.lic, where X identifies the license type:

  • amqtcert.lic – is a trial license
  • amqbcert.lic – is a beta license
  • amqpcert.lic – is a full production license

The command to do this is setmqprd (enroll production license) and is documented in the System Administration Guide. setmqprd installs the license, as well as carrying out a number of checks to confirm that it has been correctly applied.

Finally, it’s worth noting that there’s no need to remove the old beta or trial license files. If a production license is installed, it will always be used in preference to others.