A new SupportPac developed by Hursley’s Peter Broadhurst (an author of the Redbook WebSphere MQ V6 Fundamentals) has been released today.

SupportPac MS6A “provides a mechanism to simplify installation of, or migration to, WMQ V6.0 and automatically roll out WMQ maintenance to an infrastructure of WMQ installations”.

This gives you a single automated way to migrate multiple systems to WebSphere MQ version 6, as well as a simple way to keep all of your version 6 systems up to date with the latest Fix Packs and Refresh Packs.

From the SupportPac page:

The SupportPac allows machines to download these packages through the WMQ infrastructure. The amount of disk space required on the machine is minimised by only downloading the packages that are chosen. It performs an automated installation of WMQ, using the same installation process that would be performed manually. Machines can be scheduled to regularly check for and apply new WMQ maintenance when it has been deployed on the repository and tested. When the installation detects migration to WMQ V6.0 from a previous version, a full backup of all queue managers, along with a trace of the restart at WMQ V6.0 where migration takes place, is uploaded back to the central repository through WMQ.

I’ve been playing with it for a little while now and I think it’s definitely worth a look. I’ll be setting it up on our System Test machines later this week as I think it will make a nice quick way of getting the latest WMQ drivers onto all of our machines in one go.

It’s UNIX platforms only at the moment – so no Windows just yet. But hopefully Windows support will be coming soon!