The latest version (v3.0.2) of the IBM Support Assistant (ISA) has been released. If you’ve not tried ISA before, this is a good opportunity to give it a try.

IBM Support Assistant (ISA) is a free local software serviceability workbench that helps you resolve questions and problems with IBM software products. It provides quick access to support-related information along with serviceability tools for problem determination.

A nice thing about this approach is that it provides a single consistent approach to Support across a large number of IBM software products. (See the ISA site for a current list of ISA plugins.)

IBM Support Assistant screenshot The search facility it provides is particularly nice – you can search across product manuals, forums, newsgroups, Technotes, articles, white papers, and more. The screenshot shows an example of searching for SSL information, filtering for just TechNotes and manual pages. It produces a simple-to-navigate page, with the first 32 results (this can be changed in Preferences) downloaded to the ISA, making clicking on links to change pages nearly instantaneous.

If the ISA doesn’t help you find the information you need to solve a problem yourself, it can also be used to collect diagnostic information that can be useful to IBM Service in diagnosing the problem further.

If you have a number of IBM products installed, the ability to do all of this from one interface – consistent across the different IBM products – can be very useful.