I’d like to invite you all to suggest ideas for future blog posts. If there is anything that you would find interesting or useful for us to cover, now would be a good time to let us know.

This could be a HOWTO for something that you think is a little complicated (or even just where something is easy to get wrong).

It could be some background where you think it would be interesting to hear about how a bit of WebSphere MQ works, or why it works the way that it does.

Is there any part of WebSphere MQ where you think we could go into more detail than there currently is in the manuals?

All ideas are welcome. Open questions and suggestions for posts which would be of interest to many users would be particularly welcome, as I’d rather avoid getting narrow questions about specific problems.

Sorry if this is perhaps a bit of a lazy post, but I’m on holiday at the moment so I figure that gives me a reasonable excuse 🙂