runmqsc is the command-line tool typically used to adminster local queue managers. It seems that some WebSphere MQ users don’t realise that they can also use runmqsc -w to administer remote queue managers.

Remote administration using runmqsc You need a (default) queue manager on your local workstation so that runmqsc can use it to collect MQSC commands and send them on to the command queues of your remote queue managers.

This lets you do all of your runmqsc administration work from a single point.

The diagram shows an example – note that your local queue manager will need channels going to and from the remote queue managers that you want to administer, to allow the commands to be sent and the replies returned.

Full details on how to do this can be found in Remote administration from a local queue manager in the WebSphere MQ System Administration Guide. It includes further diagrams explaining how the MQSC commands are passed on, and all of the commands that you will need to configure it correctly.