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The SupportPacs system continues to expand – the most recent addition is the new WebSphere Business Process Management SupportPacs page.

Most of the SupportPacs on this page are related to WebSphere Business Modeler and WebSphere Business Monitor. However, there’s also a useful plugin for WebSphere Integration Developer that provides a wizard to help developers to use the MQ-CICS bridge. It also provides assistance with handling the MQCIH header required by the bridge. Worth a look if you need to call a CICS program across the bridge from a mediation or business process.


Emir Gaza (Consulting IT Specialist, Hursley Software Lab Services) and I are currently putting together a list of SSL gotchas based on our personal experiences and, of course, those of our customers. Our list covers many problems and solutions already well documented in the manuals (e.g. Error messages), but what we’re trying to do is compile a single list containing both common problems and those with sometimes cryptic solutions.

We aim to expand this list in future with more items and more detail, but for now, here’s the list we have compiled… Comments most welcome…

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Assuming your phone has a browser, it is now possible to utilise the HTTP support in supportpac MO71 to view your WebSphere MQ queues, messages and more. The following blog entry gives an overview of MO71 HTTP support and simple instructions on accessing it from a web browser.

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In the previous post, we took a brief look at some of the things we can learn from the queue manager using the DISPLAY command in runmqsc. It turns out that there is a lot of information available. So, what if we want to filter the results to see something more specific?

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I first learned MQ quite a few years ago, back in the days of MQSeries version 5.1. The instructor on my MQ course told us that the most useful thing we could learn for administering MQ would be the command interface – the runmqsc program. Why? Simple: it is consistent between platforms[1]; it is scriptable; and it is extremely powerful, exposing everything you might want to know about how your queue manager is running.

In version 6 of WebSphere MQ, the command program has been considerably enhanced. If you’ve been used to the range of commands available in WebSphere MQ 5.3 or earlier, it is worth looking again the functions that are available. If you are new to the product, it is also worth knowing how to get the most from runmqsc.

This post is not going to be a full tutorial on using runmqsc. I just wanted to highlight some of the things that are possible in WMQ v6. In fact, I’m just going to focus on what we can learn using the DISPLAY command – some “did you know?”-style tips. For full reference information, check out the Infocenter.

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