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The changes to Daylight Savings Time (DST) in the United States this year raised questions about the way time is handled by various software programs.

The implications of the DST change for WebSphere MQ are fairly straightforward. In summary, there are no issues with the WMQ runtime (on either the servers or clients) as WebSphere MQ uses UTC and is essentially oblivious to DST. There are some issues surrounding the Java runtime environments supplied with WebSphere MQ. This is all well documented in a TechNote on

Despite this, the DST changes this year were a good reminder of the implications of making changes to the system clock on servers. In this post I will discuss some implications with WebSphere MQ.

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We’re pleased to announce the availability of SupportPac MSL1: WebSphere MQ for Linux – Automatic Startup. It provides an init script which will start IBM WebSphere MQ queue managers when the system is started, and stop them cleanly when the system is shut down.

A configuration file allows system administrators to specify which local queue managers are to be controlled. The default behaviour is to control all local queue managers.

The supplied init script assumes the existence of an LSB-compliant init system – RedHat users may need to install a RedHat-supplied RPM named lsb.rpm or redhat-lsb.rpm to meet this requirement.

SupportPac MSL1 is available here

Once installed, see the man pages and for details of its configuration.