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I had to migrate a Windows machine running WebSphere MQ v5.3 to WMQ v6 this evening. The WebSphere MQ Explorer on the machine was configured with client connections to a large number of remote queue managers that I needed to continue to be able to administer.

I didn’t realise that we don’t migrate queue manager connections when you go from WMQ v5.3 to the new Eclipse-based v6 WMQ Explorer. (Although I guess I can see why – they are very different apps). And I didn’t fancy the thought of having to manually enter each remote queue manager into Explorer one at a time after migration.

So I had a quick look at the ways that the different Explorers store their queue manager connection information, to see if it would be possible to convert between the two.

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A new SupportPac developed by Hursley’s Peter Broadhurst (an author of the Redbook WebSphere MQ V6 Fundamentals) has been released today.

SupportPac MS6A “provides a mechanism to simplify installation of, or migration to, WMQ V6.0 and automatically roll out WMQ maintenance to an infrastructure of WMQ installations”.

This gives you a single automated way to migrate multiple systems to WebSphere MQ version 6, as well as a simple way to keep all of your version 6 systems up to date with the latest Fix Packs and Refresh Packs.

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