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I saw Dale’s Diagnosing Triggering Problems post, and thought I’d add a checklist I put together.

The idea was to give some help diagnosting common triggering issues when setting up a new triggered queue for an app-team, or diagnosing a queue-depth alert at 2am on a callout.

The Conditions for a Trigger Event section in the APG is the definitive reference, but this checklist is written more from a diagnosis point of view.

The document has a UNIX bias I’m afraid…

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Triggering can be used to start applications in response to messages arriving on queues. But what do you do when nothing happens? How do you tell the difference between the queue manager not launching your application, and your application being launched but not doing anything?

Once WebSphere MQ launches the executable, it doesn’t take any further action to determine what happens to it – for example, no return codes from the executable are collected (as the trigger monitor can’t wait for what could be a long-running application). Without any such information, it can sometimes be difficult to confirm whether a triggered application is not being triggered, or is being started but ends, perhaps prematurely, with an error.

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