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I wanted to announce the release of the most requested feature for the PowerShell library for WebSphere MQ SupportPac : support for administering remote queue managers.

I’ve already covered my work on PowerShell for WebSphere MQ at some length on this blog, so I won’t duplicate that here. (If you are interested in a recap, this is a good place to start).

Using PowerShell with remote queue managersWith this latest release, you can now manage queue managers across multiple servers from a single PowerShell window on your local workstation.

You can now write commands which query and/or modify your queues, channels, etc. across multiple queue managers spanning multiple servers on multiple operating systems. All in a single command or line of script.

It currently works with queue managers running on supported Windows and UNIX-based operating systems. (It is not currently possible to administer z/OS queue managers with this, however work on this has begun and should be added in a future release).

Ideas for what can be done with this are welcomed – I’ve put a couple of examples after the break.

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